The Spurs have successfully signed a new contract for the final MVP hit 5 years of top 90000000 to keep the people in fact the future is you! Spurs new nuclear Leonard offensive and defensive big cap on Kobe James Wong loading. & lt; & gt; sports Tencent hearing on July 1 "Yahoo", according to sources, the Spurs have been with the team restricted free agent Leonard reached an agreement, the contract is 9000 million in 5 years. "I want to say that I’ve been looking forward to a new contract with the Spurs," he said." Leonard said in a statement. "Although there are still some details in the contract, I need to continue to consult with the team, but I am very happy to be able to reach agreement." In fact, according to insiders revealed that the Spurs management and Leonard’s broker only for a brief contact, they finalized the contract, the two sides soon reached a framework structure. Within the next few days, the two sides will continue to focus on the details of the contract. After the success of the contract with Leonard, the Spurs then go on the task is to chase Popovich, Aldridge has led Parke (microblogging) and Duncan to Losangeles, the two sides are scheduled to meet in the morning local time on Wednesday. Earlier argument shows that the Spurs are most likely to get Aldridge’s team. 24 year old Leonard last season averaging 16.5 points and 7.2 rebounds and 2.5 assists, performance is stable, while with the defensive end of the excellent play, he won the title of the year’s best defensive player. And Leonard’s career the most high performance of light, than in the 2014 finals in the success of the ban James, and get the final MVP award. Last summer, the Spurs hope to renew the contract with Leonard, but because the other party insist on asking for a top salary, failed to do so. And to the end of this summer, the face of Leonard’s top salary requirements, the Spurs finally nodded, the two sides thus quickly reached an agreement. (Yang Weili)

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