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No0. Your forum name. 1.6 what kind of arrogance autumn collocation tide ride you favorite? [introduction]. New autumn autumn is getting stronger you shou (hand) a few pieces of it? What kind of tide take your favorite? The above Xiao (small) series of several different De bring arrogance for you (the autumn) Zhuang (loaded) way to see pictures of collocation! Dark green with ordinary de like explicit [img] (fine (white decoration ([img] thick mi (MI) Butterfly node plane 2) powder would make you full of Princess noble sense of the pink shirt inevitable Shi (is) Lolita girl men are the most AI (love) with white se (Se (color) trousers and practice) and Dou Ya Yan (eye) of blue (to) the sea mystery, beautiful blue Plush coat in (on) ge (GE) sub pattern shorts from (a) to (Qing) new crisp sense [img] collar cardigan coat collocation Jin (gold) is a color skull print T-shirt Xing () van son chronological! [img] Jia (false) Liang (two) piece of chiffon blouse shallow pale pinkish purple color and Yan (eye) red so de color combination seductive and Shi () fashionable light cloth. (material) wear deft and convenient [img] Gaolan (high) waist jeans and a shirt very sensible temperament of collocation Bie (don’t) like zhe (the solid lattice Shi (Shi (type) of cowboys and image format of Li Ling (collar shirt match a (more) and color! [img] high waist waist high thin ideas to enhance the display is very good oh! Beige jacket very elegant with cowboy pants holes and add a few characteristics

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