which is not the same as the ordinary Yoga axis

Women’s Volleyball star of the future increase Tianjin Women’s volleyball team lineup neat Bao Quan Wang smiling future star Ying Ying Lee (source: Tigongdadui Tianjin Women’s volleyball team) yesterday, the Tianjin Women’s volleyball team [microblogging] over the May Day holiday, start training, preparing for the June national championships. Body work team volleyball hall is very lively, Yanna, Wang Jiamin [microblogging] regression, young midfielder Ying Ying Lee, Meng beans, Ya Nan Li was raised, the Tianjin Women’s volleyball team is quite neat, three generations of 10 players and coaches training field packed full to the brim. The training is arranged to be arranged in good order, coach Wang Baoquan will give you the players according to the position distribution of targeted training. Main training area stood Li Ying [microblogging], Yang Linlin and Ying Ying Lee, P2 pass Meng beans for their passing and font training Wang Jiamin, Wang Ning, Ya Nan Li and Yao Di with drill three fast break, scoop out the position on Wei accompany playing coach with the help of practice, a storm, on the sidelines of the Yan and Liu Liwen in practice a, Yanna is in the arena of physical training area physical exercise. Everyone’s emotions are very high, from time to time out of the venue! Hey!" The sound of gas. Coach Wang Baoquan is wreathed in smiles, he said: "recently participated in team training is actually relatively complete, in addition to the national team of the moon in basic, the team’s morale high. I transferred from the youth team to three small players in order to increase the main side of the main side, on the other hand is also considered to shorten the growth time of young players, so that they feel the atmosphere of a team as soon as possible." The three is upregulation of small players, Wang Baoquan analysis said: "they are outstanding youth teams each position, Ying Ying Lee height the arm length, attack high, can meet the requirements for the first team training; Meng beans as a setter height is not short, good personality, for the setter position; small font ya Nan Li although is not very tall, but the quick start, enough strength, serving well, key players is to focus on the cultivation of." Training situation is gratifying, the team also did not ignore the situation of injury control. In order to help the team training, the Municipal Sports Bureau also specially invited from Tianjin City Research Institute, a massage and a fitness trainer, and the players are equipped with the same as the "new weapon", the bubble axis, which is not the same as the ordinary Yoga axis, which is full of hard to help players to carry out training after the body muscle recovery. Wang Baoquan said: "we are especially grateful to the Council’s leadership, massage and fitness trainer work very seriously, very helpful for players to treat injuries and physical training, everyone is recognized." 2015 National Women’s Volleyball Championship will be held in Fujian from June 27th to July 5th, coach Wang Baoquan has developed two sets of programs, he said: this month we need to strengthen basic skills training, while the practice of good. Now we are two teams, one is Li Ying played the main in? Beat Wei collusion, the second is Li Ying play collusion, Yang Linlin played the main, other staff position. After the league, we have a long time did not play, we should cherish the chance to win the championship, in the fight for good results while allowing young players to improve as soon as possible." (source: Tianjin women’s volleyball team) &nb;

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