which is a bit difficult. Still

Hibbert weight 7 kg under the tutelage of Sky Hook expectations play all star defensive – Sohu Sports Beijing time July 24, according to CBS sports coverage, Roy Hibbert new to join the Los Angeles Lakers and he cannot wait gearing up, want the Lakers to flex its muscles the, Hibbert today in an interview said to be able to play in the Lakers all star level of defense. To this end, he has reduced the weight of 7.2 kg. "I want to be able to play the full star in the defensive end, and then other things go with the flow." Hibbert said. He also talked about the traditional tall player on the Lakers to success, he said now in Shaquille O’Neal’s video game learning in practice with Kareem Abdul Jabbar. "Kareem Abdul Jabbar to me provides play some tidbits," Hibbert said: "I last summer with him together practice, and keep in touch, he can always give me some advice, I have been to he consult with an open mind." In order to achieve the All-Star defensive, Hibbert has been reduced 7.2 kg weight, hope in the court run faster, adapt to the alliance now fast and flexible manner. Think in Marc Gasol, DeMarcus – Test Xin Si, Anthony Davis, LaMarcus Aldridge these outstanding Center gathered in the west to become the all star, which is a bit difficult. Still, and the Lakers have a chemical reaction to improve the Lakers’ defense, Hibbert or. (CHE)

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