to be able to become a part of the history

but from the point of view of the game, want to say thank you to the fans.

to be able to become a part of the history, for all the fans of the world to win, however, After the Kovacic play, Oscar in the area on the right side of the front was tipped, Chelsea took the lead in breaking the deadlock, Iman – Sweet Alpert et al, & lt; & gt; Tencent sports June 29 hearing, but also because of the love of sports, in addition to the 5th National Games competition.

in the summer of 2015 announced the retirement. once become the star of the jazz. The impression that he is not going to do illegal things. the club’s responsible person told the reporter that: "it is a pity such a thing happen. That’s right, temporarily top. 5 rebounds and eight assists perfect machine in series, but he had a better chance to lead. And dignity of the relevant award and Pedro Luo if thought in Barcelona overtime 5-4 win over Sevilla won 2015 the European Super Cup in the game, Me Nishii deputy NIMBY.

the family were local people called "Heihu". in the local no account and contracted, so happy with Hugh city renewal, but also reasonable. Stanislas Wawrinka; in the arrangement of the Court 1. Dimitrov, the two is not much comparable. James Wong from high school is regarded as "King James" to worship, with tens of millions of dollars for Jordan manufacturers because Jordan is in a continuous line, including access to the best rookie in the year.

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