this is the only way he looks like us.&quot

James explained why not wearing a hair band: want to and his teammates a kind of James explained not wearing hair band reason sina sports news Beijing time in May 4th, has been, the hair band is Cleveland’s knight team star James – Lebron on the field of symbolic equipment. But since the start of a race against the Mavericks in March this year, James officially gave up wearing a hair band. Recently, James in an interview with the Cleveland honest people, the interview explained the reasons. Since the decision to abandon the use of the hair band, James has never given a formal reason, he simply said that the choice is very sudden. "I did it because I wanted to look like my team-mates." James explained, "just want to be a whole, nothing else." "Well, this is the only way he looks like us."." Miller Mike smiled at the time that James chose to give up the cause of the band. In March 11th this year, James in the game against the Mavericks did not wear hair band. Finally, the knight on the road to 127-94 victory, James 14 for 27 points, 7 rebounds and 8 assists in 10. Since then, the hair has gone from James’s head. It is worth mentioning that the last time in a full game, James did not wear a hair band, but also to go back to his rookie season in a game against Detroit pistons. The Eastern Conference semifinals knight with the Bulls series will be started, Knight starting power forward Kevin Loew because of injury and missed the playoffs all the remaining matches, J.R. Smith is suspended for two games, as James said, if the Cavs want to overcome difficulties and advance to the next round, they need to become a whole. (Rosen)

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