the rest of the time were successfully mastered the initiative

Liduo 23 points, font bar Yazike scored 15 points, the main Bhave Keener font and Dodds Kana A respectively, had 10 points and 7. Azerbaijan 3-0 Holland hosts Azerbaijan 14 finals opponent is Holland. Although Azerbaijan’s top players Mama do Va did not attend the current European games, but in the face of the Dutch women’s volleyball, Azerbaijan only in the second inning start small challenges encountered, the rest of the time were successfully mastered the initiative, and ultimately zero seal opponents to reach the semifinals, three innings score to 25-21, 25-23 and 25-14. The Azerbaijan heavy artillery La Immo Va still eye-catching performance, scored 23 points to become the team to win the number one hero. Holland – Sloate Jess scored 17 points, 9 points to win the main grotian. Belgium 2-3 Serbia last 14 finals in Belgium, Serbia. Belgium in

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