the opponent is still a big gap

Han Peng: wound end kick to take out stitches Sino US war physical dominant – Sohu sports HD: Women’s easily prepare for the quarter finals all will ran side by side exposed smile (Sohu sports Zhang Liang June 23, Ottawa) Chinese women’s football World Cup quarter final opponents have produced, not an American team once again become a stumbling block to the Chinese team, but they have two players suspended and than the Chinese team little rest for two days. Han Peng was injured in the game against Cameroon, after the head of the sewing needle 6, she accepts when the interview said: "wound hasn’t any major problems, but we are going to the next game kick to take out stitches." Han Peng in Cameroon and China’s game performance quite eye-catching, her last time injured, due to the Chinese team substitutions had run out, she wrapped bandages adhere to finish the game. After her wound sewing needle 6, Han Peng in an interview said: wound didn’t what the problem is, the next game finished estimation can take out stitches. " After a lapse of 16 years, China and the United States, once again in the women’s World Cup finals, and now the women’s football players are still small, Han Peng bluntly: the 1/4 final hit the United States is still quite excited, I want to play with the United States to show their own. Compared with the United States, after all, is a young team, but the physical reserve is quite early, we should have more rest two days to have the advantage." Almost every year China will play games with the United States, but the Chinese team’s record is difficult to say, but the Chinese team is also very understanding of the opponent, Han Peng said: we will go to the United States every year to play, to understand that they are relatively strong body, the use of high impact. Directly from the houchangchangzhuan front to hit us, winger, striker who is particularly high, more of a threat. Every time they play it." Due to the physical condition of the United States team accounted for absolute advantage, so the Chinese team had to in other ways to think of a way to rival restraint, Han Peng said: "we should be bold in possession of the ball, closing down, then certainly will have vulnerabilities, local closing down to some concise, the opponent is still a big gap, she had two main suspended, for us is a good news." (source: Sohu sports)

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