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Zhu Ting critical moment to save the Chinese women’s volleyball   Lang Ping: there are ups and downs but resisted – Sports – People’s network original title: Zhu Ting critical moment to save the Chinese women’s volleyball team Lang Ping: there have been ups and downs but resisted the data: Zhu Ting picture source: Xinhua yesterday, in the United States Cup women’s volleyball match, the Chinese team in the 2, the 3 reversal of the national team in University of California at Los Angeles. Zhu Ting had scored the highest 27 points and scored 2 points in the final victory. Both sides than 1 1 draw with station in Hawaii, the game Team USA adjust the line-up, four World Championship main stage, the Chinese team sent five main world championships. Forestalls opponent by a show of strength, the first American team, the Second Bureau of China tie, America’s third win again, the fourth China team again tie, decider Team USA to get match point, the Chinese team saved two match points and by virtue of Zhu Ting counterattack succeeded, with 17 than 15 locks the victory. Lang Ping admitted that the two sides have played a high level, the Chinese team’s young players although the key moment has ups and downs, but still resisted, this is very gratifying. She also mentioned that the atmosphere is very good, there are half the audience is the local chinese. The day after tomorrow will be the final game. It is worth mentioning, last night, Lang Ping friends in Los Angeles please China team to eat Chinese food, Lang Ping’s daughter, whitecaps also specially came to visit is not half of the mother. Photo in the whitecaps with Zhu Ting, Zhu Ting has focused on the table for lunch, did not pay attention to this side loyal "fans".

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