the final score is more than a second slower than their best

Zhang Peimeng Subing add the nest will fit looking forward to the world championships relay has breakthrough of sina sports dispatch test event 2015 national track and field championship tournament and 2015 IAAF Beijing World Athletics Championships will be held today in the National Stadium "bird’s nest" start. From the country’s 1600 athletes will be here for 3 days of competition, won the world championships this year, some of the qualifications of domestic players, such as Li Jinzhe, Zhang Guowei, Xie Wenjun, etc. will come to the bird’s nest a try. But for the national track and field team, the most important task of the bird’s nest test is the men’s 4X100 meter relay. Although man sprint 100 meters in the last three years have been a great deal of attention, Subing add and Zhang Peimeng continuous competition, Chinese men’s 100 meters of the results improve the 0.18 seconds this year, Subing add has also become one of the first runs in 9 seconds of yellow, achieved a breakthrough. But at the world championships, the men’s 100 meters need to play a super game before they can enter the final, and now, Su Bingtian and Zhang Peimeng two people’s basic strength is only 10 seconds 1. This result does not guarantee that they both enter the final man 8 strong. As a result, the Chinese track and field team up and down more attention is to enhance the level of the 4X100 meter relay, so that the Chinese men’s relay team to enter the final final. In Incheon Asian Games, the Chinese men’s team to score 37 seconds 99 become Asia’s first branch ran into 37 seconds of relay team, also makes the field tube center determined man sprint by relay to break through the concept. At the end of last month to carry out the Wuhan Asian Championships, Zhang Peimeng to 10 seconds 15 of the results won the world championships, a stone landing, so he can be more comfortable to participate in the relay training. In this year, the Chinese track and field team in the men’s sprint team both in Fujian or training in Beijing, will arrange the relay class on Tuesday and Friday. However, due to the previous Zhang Peimeng and Su Bingtian to participate in a hundred meters of individual events, so much practice, but the game is not much, in the relay team in China only in the Bahamas and Wuhan have had two times. Which in the Bahamas relay World Cup, the Chinese team only sent to the half tribe of the main, there is no Subing add and Zhang Peimeng results in the appearance of the third stick a junctional successor mistakes and be disqualified. Wuhan Asian Championships, the Chinese team despite the final win, but the transfer between Zhang Peimeng and Su Bingtian is not successful, the final score is more than a second slower than their best, almost 10-15 meters distance. Wuhan Ya Jin after the game, the Chinese team concentrated the best eight players, start concentrating on the relay baton training, and strive for excellence. In the Champions League, Su Bingtian and Zhang Peimeng accepted the sina sports interview, said, this time in the bird’s nest, will not run 100 meters individual, and will try to run a good 4X100 meter team competition. Owing to the lack of a relay race since July 12 Japan China, Japan and South Korea match, so China’s relay team to former world real opportunities are not many, the bird’s nest of the championship will be is one of their important exercise. Men’s 4X100 meter race will be conducted at the end of the 29 day, when the track and field fans can go to the scene to see the

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