Accident Nani exposed soil super giants won the weekly 5.5 million four years contract with Fenerbahce with Nani on treatment reached consistent sports Tencent hearing on June 21, from the British media, "sportsmole" news, Manchester United (micro blog data) rent winger Nani’s future has been basically established, soil super giants fee Neibaqietong Portugal international on treatment of individuals reached consistent, Nani is likely in the summer transfer to Fenerbahce. In 2007, Nani to 2000 million pounds transfer fee to join Manchester United, although he became a Manchester United’s main, but Moyes coaching and Louis van Gaal coaching period and Nani have not been reused in, last season, Nani on loan effectiveness of Sporting Lisbon, during which he played very well, but in the case of Manchester United just signed under pres, Nani may return to the theatre of dreams, which he had to choose homes. The sportsmole said Nani agreed to open Fenerbahce fertilizer about, he will in soil super giants to obtain weekly 5.5 million four-year contract, which means Manchester United winger is likely in the summer he moved to Turkish, under the present circumstances, just Fenerbahce with Manchester United will agree a fee, then the deal will trip. (smoke ring)

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