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African horse test China rose & nbsp; Cameroon against uncertain factors – Sports – People’s network, the original title: African horse test China rose against Cameroon uncertain factors in the second group identity among the 16, Chinese women’s football in local time 16 days morning departure returning to Edmonton, preparing for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 1 / 8 finals. And the head coach Hao Wei, the fatigue of the team in the final round of the Cameroon team in the final round of the match against the Swiss team, the Cameroon team to reverse the final match of the Chinese team in the knockout. Although Haowei and his disciples have confidence in playing the game, but due to the previously with African teams rarely blows the opportunity, the Chinese team a war full of many uncertain factors. To advance to the women’s World Cup semi-final, the Chinese women’s football returned to the Edmonton group two rounds before the game, is worth noting, FIFA for off-site flight of all the teams in the world cup are arranged for a charter, so all the way down, Chinese women’s travel particularly easy, and return to Edmonton also let the girls have the feeling of a "home game". As a team member in the micro letter said, "relatively speaking, we are more familiar with the climate and the venue of Edmonton, where the number of games here are some of the feeling of home." According to the plan, the Chinese women’s football team should be in local time 16 days afternoon 4 point and a half, Beijing time 17 at half past six in the morning training, but because of the 5 day of rest time, the team did not arrange too much training content, Haowei specially to observe the Cameroon and the Swiss team game. The outcome of the game is still deeply touched by Hao Wei. Is currently ranked fifty-third in the world, the first time to participate in the women’s World Cup Cameroon team to 2 to reverse the Swiss team, so as to become the Chinese team’s 18 finals. Team sources, psychologically speaking, the Chinese team may be more likely to face the Swiss team, because the Swiss team from the technical and tactical play and the Dutch team is more similar, and Cameroon rely more on the player’s individual ability, such as the frontal line player Madeleine has been in the group match to shine, and the Chinese team in previously three group matches. We have not met the similar individual ability strong front will. In addition, the Cameroon team in the group stage only 2 to 1 small negative defending champion japan. For the Chinese team, the opponent’s strange indeed to the team constitute a huge test. Statistics show that the Chinese team in the world cup and the African team played two times, the opponent is Garner, the Chinese team in 1999, 2003, 7 to 0, 0 to 1 victory. But the passage of time, now the Chinese women’s football is a relatively young, and competition of the experience, the Chinese team defense could resist the impact of the rival super personal? Hao Wei must be considered in the next few days. On Chinese women’s positive news is that they more than the opponent for the rest of the day, wounded in the team can get good nursed back to health. Reporter Xiao Nan  

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