quickly won the Sinisa Mihajlovic

AC Milan 0 price new conquests in the San Siro Italian media: better than 25 million reinforcements Evans of sina sports dispatch AC Milan [microblogging] this morning in the Italian Cup third round clash at home to 2 – 0 defeat Serie B team Perugia, Mihajlovic gains after taking office first official match victory. Milan many new aid debut in the game, but the most applause is a surprise. Milan has spent more than 83000000 euros this summer. The game, four new Bertone Rudge, Chewbacca, Adriano and Romagnoli aid all debut, four performance also won the affirmation of the San Siro audience, but compared with them, another appearance of the "new" more color, he is Milan repurchase youth team striker Rodrigo – Ella. Mihajlovic before taking office, to the club asked recall on loan in the defender Emmanuel, the from Brazilian defender returned to Milan training base, quickly won the Sinisa Mihajlovic, originally in Mihajlovic, Ellie’s positioning should substitute. However, through training and a series of warm-up match performance, Ellie gradually for their won the starting position. Of Perugia in the Italian Cup, Mihajlovic is in conference determine Evans and Romagnoli will be starting in the game. Two young fellow’s performance did not let Mihajlovic disappointed, in the Italian media after scoring, 25 million aid Romagnoli received a rating of 6.5 points. Eli is the seven points, with the goal of Keisuke Honda and Adriano tied for the highest audience. Romagnoli continuation of the last year at Sampdoria: calm, defensive coverage, not to make mistakes, but may be due to the opponents attack ability general, he did not too much color. Ellie’s performance is more active, "Repubblica" that he is the game for AC Milan play best player, praised him as the Milan defence on a wall. In the first half of the match, Ellie repeatedly in the penalty area completed key siege, and his in also to a teammate brought enough help. 25 minutes in the first half, scoring the second goal in Milan before, Perugia a backcourt off the ball after launch a counterattack, midfielder in the circle near the ball, Ellie in a timely manner feet from each other before the body left hook the ball, causing other players Fanqiang foul. Complete the steals, San Siro applause, affirmed the performance of evans. Evans and Romagnoli a 93 years was born a 95 year birth, if the continuation of this performance they will in the future for a long period of time be AC Milan’s main central defensive partner, Mihajlovic appreciate this to the young man, after the first time also praised them. But Perugia, after all, only a Serie B team, after Milan’s defense also need a stronger opponent to test, the weekend league first Milan will travel to Florence, Mihajlovic should will continue this morning’s central defensive partner, facing the stronger opponent two young people will show how? The game will tell us the answer. (blue)

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