Hong Kong star soccer team in Guangxi tour fight Alan Tam in the column – the new network, according to "China Daily" and other media reports, held recently in Dongxing City, Guangxi, Hong Kong star soccer team 30th Anniversary Tour, Hong Kong Ming Star team headed by Alan Tam, Felix Wong, natalis Chan and other stars 7-1 defeat Dongxing team (as of the suspension before the game). The original star bright full of harmonious friendship game was 12 minutes before the whistle for conflict is intense darkness without light. It is reported that due to excessive Dongxing players tackle action, overturned the Hong Kong star players, resulting in both players violent conflict broke out, the bench players rushed into the site disorderly, resulting in the friendly match ended with "quanwuhang" bleak. It is reported that the Hong Kong and the mainland of friendlies in the beginning of the game is a one-sided situation, the end of the game in the first half, Hong Kong Star team is already leading 6:1 Dongxing team, and Dongxing team behind a large margin, players mood began become irritable, the movement is also more and more big. According to eyewitness memories, the two sides game action scale because of a dispute until evolution into a physical confrontation, the two sides while playing the side of the mouth Mamalielie, more outgoing, Felix Wong of Hong Kong Star team resorted to a trick "Eighteen dragon subduing palms", the Dongxing teams of three players hit back in the news. Seeing the two sides bukekaijiao, scene of the situation out of control, game security and police quickly rushed admission things will stop and advance interrupt the game. Star team in Hongkong after being advised to leave the field, then take the luggage out of the stadium, not to give the organizers any coordination of the opportunity. And in the subsequent reception dinner, has been calm and the mentality of the two sides is fairly harmonious. Later, Alan Tam published micro Bo said: "part of our team because of work in the body have returned to Hong Kong, thanks to Nanning and Dongxing friends support; in football is hero both eager to win a limb on a collision was inevitable, as long as the control player emotions in order to avoid a lot of things! Captain, of course, to protect his teammates I repeated to the ball card complaints and tell your opponent that go on like this we will halve the match, settle stadium stadium, the celebration we have talked very happy… " Chen Zong

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