Paraguay formation compression with patience. Mascherano Messi shot from 12 yards out wide of the right post

America’s Cup – Aguero Messi goal in the first half of Paraguay 2-0 Argentina sina sports news Beijing time in June 14th 05:30 (Chile local time 13 18:30), the first round of the 2015 American Cup group B group, Argentina Paraguay. The other match, Uruguay 1 to 0 victory over Jamaica, Rodriguez scored the only goal. Argentina nearly 3 battle Paraguay all win, nearly 5 times in the Central American cup stand against Paraguay, 3 wins and 2 draws unbeaten. Just for Barcelona won the Champions League as captain Messi led the race, with Aguero and Di Maria in the trident. Argentina after the opening of the positive pressure, Banega corner, Otamendi header slightly higher. Argentina gradually formed the first half siege situation, Paraguay formation compression with patience. Mascherano Messi shot from 12 yards out wide of the right post, captain to Barcelona teammate apologize. Paraguay first shot in twentieth minutes, but the Santa Cruz in the edge of the area outside the shot was Otamendi timely shovel. Pastoret pass Aguero, Zamudio edge of the area to tackle the rescue. Aguilar was fined for Aguero foul. Then Messi back to knock, Manchester City striker within the edge of the restricted area of the low shot was confiscated. Argentina took the lead after 29 minutes, before Messi press make Zamudio return errors, Aguero single round goalkeeper into the empty net. Argentina’s 36 minutes to expand the score and Mary on the right side of the restricted area was Zamudio trips from behind, Messi penalty kick the low shot in the lower right corner, 2-0. Argentina lineup (4-3-3) – Romero; 3 Roncaglia. 17 Otamendi. 2 – Garay, 16 Rojo; 19 Banega, 14 Javier Mascherano, 21 Pastore; 7 – Mary, Messi 10, 11 Aguero Paraguay played lineup (4-4-2):12- Domingo; 3 – Marcos – Caceres, 4 – Aguilar, 6 – Zamudio, 14 da Silva; 7 – Bobadilla, Otis 13 and 15 – Victor Caceres, 20 O Teague Sa; Santa Cruz, 9, 18 Valdes Uruguay 1 than 0 victory over Jamaica. This is the first time Jamaica was invited to participate in the American cup. Just as Barcelona won the Champions League Uruguay striker Suarez was suspended for the missing. Uruguay’s 52 minutes to break the deadlock, lodeiro left arbitrary ball, Ximenes header ferry, Christian unguarded – Rodriguez small forbidden area edge push shoots forces a door open. The Uruguay striker Cavani misfiring played, substitute stuani missed the opportunity to expand the score.

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