Description A simple way to remove bad breath

Oral diseases
Description: simple way to remove bad breath
core Tip: remove the bad breath is everyone wants to know, because life there are many reasons which can cause bad breath, but this occurs problem would affect people’s emotions and life, and even work.

stomatitis metronidazole capsules small boron sprays Lysozyme tablets cream
mouth ulcers decay periodontitis simple wisdom tooth pericoronitis

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Operating room practice

Practice in the operating room two days, many would like to say, I feel two days over a very long day, there will be a lot of things happen, a sense of theater is followed by a day of surgery, do not stop , do not stop. When I first came to understand anything, even the scissors are considered endless, there are many devices no name, the grotesque, not to mention know how to use it! The hospital’s operating room like a maze, thousands turn 100 back, doors everywhere, everywhere access, full room

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And physical changes related to uterine fibroids

Typical symptoms of uterine fibroids after a month more than secondary anemia , some patients without symptoms. Fibroid tumor symptoms of general growth in the stock location, size, closely related .
( A) the period increased
occurred in the submucosal and intramural fibroids , the performance of menorrhagia , irregular menstruation or vaginal bleeding . caused mainly due to increased bleeding : endometrial area increases, due to estrogen to endometrial hyperplasia , fibroids prevent u

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