Primary liver cancer treatment options which can be

Primary liver cancer (primary carcinoma of the liver) is one of common malignant tumors in China . High mortality in the overall cancer death , second only to the stomach , esophagus door to the third , in some rural areas in the ranked second only to stomach cancer. China about 11 million people die each year from liver cancer , liver cancer worldwide accounting for 45% of deaths due to relying on serum alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) testing with ultrasound imaging of high-risk groups monitoring , the

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Eating habits to determine if you will stroke the five kinds of food easily induced stroke – Health

stroke has become China’s number one pathogenic cause of death. Its incidence and dietary habits are closely related. Recently, the United States
1. Biscuits, potato chips, pastries and baked goods. Muffins, donuts, potato chips, cookies and many other baked foods rich in trans fatty acids, will increase the stroke risk Yan. North Carolina, USA Pok, a new study found that women deterrence into one gram of trans fatty acids per day, every day deterrence into the 7 grams of trans fatty acids

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Cold food on the body which harm

What are the hazards? Cold food on the body
Now a lot of people due to excessive eating, excessive consumption of fried and hot foods, and then plus stay up all night, drinking and other factors, resulting in many people’s body heat, and even physical deficiency, these people usually like to eat all kinds of cold food, such as iced drinks, beer, mineral water, the freezing point. these diet not only can not improve people’s physical, but it will also adversely on human health long-term impa

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The most effective weight loss breast skin lightening women’s health care products reduced vaginal

~ healthy lecture notes Peking University Professor Qi ~

human life should be able to reach 100-175 years old, why have not reached it? The main reason is we do not attach importance to health care, do not know how to care for knowledge. Many people die of ignorance, it is very wrong ah! We know how to care it? International Declaration of Victoria on the declaration, there are three milestones: the first is called a balanced diet, and the second is called aerobic exercise, and the thi

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2011 Health Qualifying Examination counseling nursing diagnosis terminology

2011 Health qualifications
test counseling : NANDA by the nursing diagnosis terminology
the human response patterns (Human Response Patterns ) classification . Now human response – based classification of nursing diagnosis are as follows :
(1) exchange ( Exchanging )
Editor :
Health Qualifying Examination
in 2011 : nutrition and Food Hygiene Pok vocabulary TZ
2011 Health Qualifying Examination : Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Pok vocabulary S Health Qualifyi

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Cause long-term fever

Lianyungang City Second People’s Hospital Hematology Chuang Wan-chuan :
long-term fever cases found in the following example : Lianyungang City Second People’s Hospital Hematology Chuang Wan-chuan

1: chronic infectious diseases: such as tuberculosis , chronic biliary tract infection , chronic or persistent viral hepatitis , chronic urinary tract infection , chronic infection foci limitations ( such as chronic tonsillitis , sinusitis , gum abscess , otitis media , mastoiditis , pro

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Stroke prevention

Stroke prevention
stroke prevention must first understand the factor of stroke risk Yan stroke risk Yan factors include the following: opportunities for people
hypertension: high blood pressure, stroke no hypertension are 2-4 times higher blood pressure, the higher the stroke risk Xian Xing.
2 heart disease: many kinds of heart disease and stroke are closely related to atrial fibrillation when combined with rheumatic heart valve disease, the incidence of stroke increased by 18 tim

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Spring health , from the

Core Tip: Chinese New Year approaching, for some people, the inevitable should Zhou, and some Yang Yuexin National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention nutrition professor, director, vice chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Pok, the FAO food information Cooperation in Northeast Asia head of the reporter


approaching Spring Festival , for some people, the inevitable should Zhou, and some Birth of the diseases most likely to holiday? How to unpack the Spring Festival

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Paul Yan ‘s how to advance and recovery

of Xian, the victim was rushed to a hospital of a sinus salvage treatment, and the cost of its rush to salvage the company claims Paul Yan, Paul Yan company under the relevant material in the Traffic Yan advance health care costs 10,000 yuan in compensation limits . Sinus after a follow-up treatment for their damages, costs and other issues, who will be Paul Yan, Paul Yan’s been told to the court as a common, claim medical expenses, lost income, disability compensation, so a total of 12 million

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Non-functional earth

Non-functional earth (the book)
an internal medicine 1, since the beginning of a cold: light blue (with whiskers), ginger 5 money, water, a bowl of fried open, add a dose of hot brown sugar ( ginger without service below), and immediately to sleep, sweating Jiyu.
2, multi-day cold: Use the same first day, in addition to at night before going to sleep, with garlic mash, apply two Zuxin (springs points , each way of the sole can be deposited large bean), cloth, thrown off the next mornin

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Slander is a loving act of exposure ignorance and distortion

58-year-old Chen Xian Mei, is a scavenger of old, tall and arm strength just to catch up after eighteen bronze, crushed by a car when she saw a small injury Yue Yue, the time to think, quickly put down the manual labor, four Ben called, finally found the child’s mother, this will send their children to the hospital. However, the car left deep scars, or too heavy, a week after a difficult struggle, with a small Yue Yue confused and think fondly of the world left us.
However, it was especial

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Description A simple way to remove bad breath

Oral diseases
Description: simple way to remove bad breath
core Tip: remove the bad breath is everyone wants to know, because life there are many reasons which can cause bad breath, but this occurs problem would affect people’s emotions and life, and even work.

stomatitis metronidazole capsules small boron sprays Lysozyme tablets cream
mouth ulcers decay periodontitis simple wisdom tooth pericoronitis

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Operating room practice

Practice in the operating room two days, many would like to say, I feel two days over a very long day, there will be a lot of things happen, a sense of theater is followed by a day of surgery, do not stop , do not stop. When I first came to understand anything, even the scissors are considered endless, there are many devices no name, the grotesque, not to mention know how to use it! The hospital’s operating room like a maze, thousands turn 100 back, doors everywhere, everywhere access, full room

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And physical changes related to uterine fibroids

Typical symptoms of uterine fibroids after a month more than secondary anemia , some patients without symptoms. Fibroid tumor symptoms of general growth in the stock location, size, closely related .
( A) the period increased
occurred in the submucosal and intramural fibroids , the performance of menorrhagia , irregular menstruation or vaginal bleeding . caused mainly due to increased bleeding : endometrial area increases, due to estrogen to endometrial hyperplasia , fibroids prevent u

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