not because of a momentary frustration give up 1500 meters. Italy player Pulte Linie Lee did show a world class player

One week sports Analects of Confucius: Liu Xiang screaming glory Asia Liuhong thanks to his teammates in Beijing, August 31 (Jiang Zhen Yu) in the past week, the focus of the world of sports undoubtedly are converging in the "bird’s nest" and the 2015 IAAF World Championships after a week of intense competition after the curtain fell. Chinese won the men’s relay 4×100 meters relay silver medal, Liu Xiang excitedly shouted "the glory of asia!" Liu Hong is in the women’s 20 km race walking for the Chinese team got only a gold medal, she said frankly that dream finally realized, and thanks to his teammates. Sun Yang: never give up 1500 since the regular use of drugs for the treatment of myocardial ischemia 24 PM, Chinese swimmer Sun Yang recorded a program. He said that he will not give up 1500 meters of this project, and admitted that in order to ensure the health, will regularly take some drugs to treat cardiac ischemia caused by heart. The swimming world championships in the 1500 metres final draws back the match event, sunyang said: "that is a last resort, when my coach and I think, in order to better match. Considering the long-term goals, I can only choose to retire. Now my heart is still a problem, mainly in the practice of the land on the training, will often feel uncomfortable. I am now taking some drugs to prevent heart problems, and actively cooperate with the doctor for treatment, but the problem is not great." Sun Yang also said, "I take an oath devoutly, not because of a momentary frustration give up 1500 meters. Italy player Pulte Linie Lee did show a world class player, but I won’t be afraid of him. At the Rio Olympics, I’m going to take the 1500 meter championship back." August 25th Li Jinzhe: did not know what the problem of the end of the track and field world championships in the world championships men’s long jump at the end of the 25 days, the Chinese players Li Jinzhe to the effect of the Jingzhou, no medal. After the game, he was alone in the field of advertising and the side of the billboard to cover his head, quietly crying. "I never thought it is such a position, before the game I was red, and even thought it was a gold medal." Li Jinzhe said, "the first jump of the error is too big, I practice the long jump has never been such a situation. I don’t know what the problem is. In fact, I really do not feel that they have psychological pressure, has been very easy." Li Jinzhe repeatedly won the medal without fruit, let him even to his own question, "I really don’t have the life of a medal?" On August 26, Lang Ping, Zhu Ting shrugged play spirit is commendable Beijing time on the 26th, in 2015 women’s Volleyball World Cup fourth round of competition, the Chinese women’s volleyball team 3-1 win over old rivals South Korea. Spiker Zhu Ting turn after active Qingzhan, she has also been a coach after the game Lang Ping praise. In the case of Zhu Ting injured again sent her to play, Lang Ping said, it is because Zhu Ting volunteered. "I asked her, knew the foot must be twisted, she said okay, can hold on." Lang Ping said, "the team encountered difficulties, Zhu Ting active told me that she wanted to, her spirit is commendable." After the game, Zhu Ting was tied to his right ankle.

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