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A wave defense without spot to win to World Cup linli backup tapes the catch of sina sports dispatch to the lineup played the Chinese women’s volleyball team [microblogging] to 1-3 defeat to is also a substitute for the squad Brazil and setter Ding Xia [microblogging] injury leave became the turning point of the game. Including Liu Yan, Zhang Changning [microblogging] and substitute the Zheng Yixin better performance, but the bench playing Wang Na [microblogging] and attack hand unfamiliar with, the team did not a stable first team, after two innings receiving in place rate is too low, too many mistakes, leading to the defeat. China’s seven main players did not come to the finals, the Brazil team also basically by the substitute. In addition to the main two Lins, other players are the Brazil team bench. These players, although the figure is not high, the lack of hard power, attack power and the strength of the Internet more general, but global more familiar, anti blocking relatively well, often rely on keep back and speed checkmate the opponent’s line of defense. The Chinese team in the first inning with Zhang Changning, Wang Yun? [microblogging], Zhang Xiaoya [microblogging] serve round destroyed each other one, by Zhang Changning, including Liu Yan and Wang Yun? Three cannons storm ripped the opponent’s line of defense. Brazil team for the Chinese team lineup did not understand, Moni cut, Gabi and Natalya three regular force pursuit, the result is the Chinese team stopped, the Chinese team took the first innings. The turning point of the match came in bureau at the end of the main setter Ding injury leave, had to put Wang Na, she and five attackers are no match, lack of understanding between each other, so in a few innings after saw Zhang Changning ran a tactical short balls, Wang Na pass a number 2 opened, the ball directly landing. The second inning Wang Na Yan Ni [microblogging] to pass a body near the fastball, Yan Ni only stabbed over the net. After Yan Ni Na Wang do a re transmission of a gesture, attack Wei with unsatisfactory greatly affects the quality of the Chinese team’s offensive. Still, the Chinese team in the game has 51 points, more than 49 points. Liu Yanhan hit Zhang Changning in the back row attack be full of sound and colour No. two, and No. four position of the storm also played their own level. After Zheng Yixin Zhang Xiaoya was not the font for a point in the second inning, a good, relatively high success rate. Yan Ni and Wang Na don’t deserve the case, by effort several times lob score. It can be said that a few of the attacking side still played a high level of attack. Chinese team problems in addition to attack with the outside, a series, defense and turnover is the main reason of failure. Chinese team – starting from the third inning errors, Brazil Carol, Moni and Lin Si serve is continuous rise, the Chinese team a mistake is often continuous, from the exhibition Chen a mistake as the Third Bureau, including Liu Yan, playing Wang Meng Jie and Zhang Changning have adirect drop points. The fourth is the Lins serve round scoring, Chan consecutive a mistake and send a probe, Zhang Changning also has in place. Wang Mengjie came off the bench to pick play a certain role, but there have been mistakes. Team did not receiving stable team, going even pick up is often followed by partial, directly over the net, let to "save" a, very difficult to organize a setter Wang Na)

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