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Subing add: selective in commercial endorsements are hard to surpass the bolt Subing add (microblogging) Tencent sports August 25 hearing on the evening of 23, bird’s nest the protagonist not bolt, but Subing add. This night, the history of the Asian Track and field to open a new page, set foot on the world championship finals in the first step, not the Japanese, not a mercenary mercenary, but the Chinese people, will be footprints left in the bird’s nest. Today, Su Bingtian in the interaction with users, said Boulter, beyond the very difficult to achieve, the next goal is to break 9 seconds 99! Beyond bolt is difficult to achieve 70000 audience breathless look forward to, their eyes gathered in red on the runway, there is not only has the world’s fastest Usain Bolt, Gatling and a dressed in red race of the Chinese players Subing add. This is for the first time in their history by the Asian player to dominate the world, the black whirlwind of track and field men’s 100 meters final for the first time into the yellow skin. Although the final did not create better results in the final, but Su Bingtian has been a big step in the history of the Chinese track and field! Recalled the mood at that time, Su Bingtian said: "it is afraid of and excited, afraid of him with a mess my rhythm, because my current level is not up to his level. I now have a better level of players." On the question of beyond Su Bingtian, Boulter’s answer is: "this desire is very difficult to achieve, I just do their own, to achieve a breakthrough." As an opponent, talking about the advantages of Su Bingtian, Boulter bluntly "Jamaica lightning" advantage is not only tall, but also talented, he is currently the strongest experience is very sufficient, he controlled the game is very strong, so he can win over and over again. I think he is a learning model, he is a myth in the hundred meters, to learn the spirit of his. The next goal is to break 99 seconds and 9 seconds to break the 10 second mark, the next target is: a breakthrough 9 seconds 99!" Su Bingtian bluntly that he did not know how much the ultimate speed, but believe that they just created a history of the beginning, the future will have more people go beyond. For the history that we created is left to the future generations. "Two seconds to break the 10 second mark is not too excited, but I am currently training method of a certain. However, to become the first breakthrough in 10 seconds of the Chinese people are very happy, because I can become China’s first to break the 10 second mark, my name will be recorded in history, my whole life is no regrets." Su Bingtian believes that the record is to be used to break, I just created a history of the beginning, the future will have more people than, because the history of our creation is left to future generations." There is no doubt that the two break in 10 seconds without hard training, for why to be so hard training, Su Bingtian said: "the main is I have the pursuit, to different stages will have a higher pursuit. There must be some difficulties in practice, because the direction, the method to find the right, will lead to their own thinking is very messy, there will be difficult, need time to slowly calm down to think." Talking about the problems, Subing add bluntly said: "I think the insufficient place is swinging arm, because of swing arm too to, relative to the technology, this is even more difficult to change." And for how the most difficult to grasp

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