Huang Haibei played amazing

He is before the Chinese expedition in the summer of the nine people only Dazhi success left behind – Sohu sports before he Tianju, altogether has 8 players to the identity of the person in the summer league. In 1995, Ma Jian received the invitation of the Los Angeles Clippers, began in the summer league, he also became the the Chinese player in NBA history first played in the summer. During this period, Ma Jian averaged about 15 minutes of game time, and once there is hope to stay in the clippers. But before the start of the regular season, clippers with lineup of the last places signing Brent – Barry, Ma Jian’s dream of playing in the NBA this shattered. 1999 draft general assembly, Wang Zhizhi in the second round of the thirty-sixth was selected by the Dallas mavericks. In 2001, he officially joined the Mavericks, but also become the first landing NBA Asian players. 2002 Dazhi and calf’s contract expires, in order to strive for a new contract, Dazhi then represent the Golden State Warriors play in the summer league, but because mediocre regrets not being able to stay with the team. A year later, Dazhi attack once again, on behalf of the Clippers played summer league and finally by virtue of their own efforts to get a formal contract. In 2003, Battelle on behalf of the Spurs in the summer league, but because of the mediocre failed to stay. But then, the Toronto Raptors need inside have made an offer for him. In addition, in 2005, Bartels and Chicago Bulls played four matches in the summer league, play is still general, averaging only 4.8 points and 1.8 rebounds. In 2006, when Beijing Aoshen effect in the striker Huang Haibei received the king’s invitation, to obtain the opportunity in the summer league. Although in the first show, Huang Haibei played amazing, cut 12 points and 10 rebounds. But the next few games, he was mediocre, eventually failed to stay. 2008, Zhang Songtao on behalf of Nicks to participate in the summer league, but unfortunately, his performance is relatively mediocre, averaging only 2 points and 2.2 rebounds, but Zhang Songtao did not get the opportunity to stay in New York. In 2008, it was easy to get the Lakers’ invitation to the summer league. Despite his footballing style popular appreciation of the Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak, but due to poor body resistance ability, Yi Li is difficult to adapt to the summer of high strength of the game, he is also so poor performance, and ultimately did not stay with the Lakers. Also in 2008, Zhang Kai received an invitation to the king, the summer league. As the year just in the CBA star Zhang Kai cut a striking figure in the summer league, when the heart is full. But it’s a pity that Zhang Kai didn’t get the king’s appreciation in the end. In 2010, Sun Yue invited for the Washington Wizards in the summer league, but performance is not much opportunity. In the three games, he received a total of only 21 minutes of playing time, but also because no color play, Sun Yue subsequently failed to remain in the Wizards. In addition to the above 8 people, Liu Wei also played on behalf of the king in the first quarter of the game, although the coach group was quite appreciated. But in the end, due to various reasons, but he was not the king retained. (Poirot)

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