his interest is to sing

Sunyang exposes once to Liu Xiang as an idol to see yourself – Sohu sports HD Photo 04 Olympic video incentive: sunyang attended the event being female fans kiss ride air cushion dabble Beijing time on August 17, Kazan swimming world championships in harvest two gold medals and one silver Sun Yang, participated in the in Beijing held a fan meeting event. Sun Yang answered a series of questions raised by the fans, said Liu Xianglai had to release the pressure, and Pu Taihuan relationship is not as close as we imagine. Fans to Sun Yang sent a well prepared gift, warm heart of the words is to let him live moved to tears. Although the 1500 World Championships in Kazan since regret retire, the mental state of the Sun Yang but appeared in front of the fans are still good. The scene set up a fan questions link, Sun Yang said, his interest is to sing: "when a child is very fond of singing, and now because of perennial training had to give up. For me, now the most important is to have a healthy body, the hobby can only give up. Now the biggest goal is to keep the Olympic Games, to maintain good health and good condition." And for fans concerned about the "will not play the piano" problem, Sun Yang said: "I like the piano, but will not play, I hope to find a teacher to learn." As much concern for public figures, Sun Yang’s shoulder bears weighty expectations and pressure, fans asked the how to troubleshoot, sunyang said, with the emergence of the growth of the age and the young members and his own way of relaxing and previous different, every way of relaxing is also small differences. Sunyang said, in the London Olympic Games, he had to Liu Xiang idol, constantly flipping through flyers in the Athens Olympic Games won the video to motivate themselves. The outside world has been very concerned about the relationship between Sun Yang and Sun Yang, Pu Taihuan also generous response, no one wants to be so close: we have been playing for many years, is a good opponent, but also very good friends. But the presence of the interaction is not as close as we imagine. He has always been one of my most respected opponents, but also the great Asian swimmer, but also a symbol representing the world swimming." Then also set the scene fans came to gift giving link, fans sent and sunyang temperament is consistent with the cute dolls, such as "white" dolls, panda pillow. A female fan also shed tears on Sun Yang said: "whether the peak or trough, we will always be with you in your side!" Obviously this sentence let Sun Yangji moved, he also left behind the tears, and with the girls hug. Finally, Sun Yang also came to the swimming pool and wearing swimming trunks, fans playing water game, full of affinity. (Alse)

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