he will normal out of the war. At the same time

Soup of God through the brain concussion test determined battle evil Han injury will comeback Thompson by cerebral concussion test Tencent sports June 3, hearing warriors officially announced today, Defender clay Thompson today by the alliance of concussion test, the first game finals, he will normal out of the war. At the same time, YAHOO sports name Spears reported that the warriors reserve striker Svets also made preparations for the first game of the finals. Thompson is warriors against Houston in the Western Conference finals game 5 injured, when the match to the fourth section 9 minutes and 30 seconds, Thompson in the left side of the three-point line 45 degrees received the ball, Trevor Ariza from the top of the circle rushed past the defence, he jumped at the altitude is very high, inadvertently made a Muay Thai top knee action knee directly to the top of the Thompson’s head. At that time, Ariza’s action is very big, Thompson’s ears immediately bleeding, was sent to the dressing room for treatment. Preliminary diagnosis, Thompson was diagnosed with a simple head bruises, and has not been considered in a concussion, but in the later check, Thompson head injury from worsening diagnosed cerebral concussion. According to the league’s rules, if the players have a concussion, the need to re play through a rigorous testing, in the past few days, Thompson’s recovery is good, yesterday also participated in the team’s training. Today, Thompson took part in the whole of the training, after the training, Thompson said he can take part in the finals of the first game, "to be honest, in the past two days, I feel that I get back, tomorrow is the final adjustment, and now I am trying to overcome the tension and anxiety. And you talk to me to do the test, and I will be the first game to prepare for the first game 99.9%." As Thompson expected is, in the subsequent not only for the brain concussion test, Thompson smooth clearance, the finals first game, he will certainly go to play. This year’s playoffs, Thompson field are played 35.7 minutes, you can get 19.7 points and 3.7 points, three points, 42.5% points. In addition to Thompson, the Warriors also ushered in another good news, the team in the array of other wounded Svets is also expected to return in the finals of the first game. Beijing time in May 10th, in the warriors 89-99 lost to the game of the bear, Svets twisted his right leg, since he was absent from the team’s all the games. According to the Warriors team reporter Marcus Thompson reports that Speights took part in the team yesterday and today the scrimmage, and according to reports of Yahoo Sports Reporter spears said warriors coach Steve Cole revealed that Speights can be played in the finals for the first game, and is expected to play. This season’s playoffs, Svets field are played in 7.6 minutes, you can get 4 points and 2.3 rebounds, but his shot was only 34.5%. (Ge Sang)

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