Guangzhou bodied offer 12000000 euros to buy Lima

height 2 meters 01, Timberwolves coincided with the reconstruction phase, after all, Guangzhou bodied offer 12000000 euros to buy Lima, feel the people are not good the.

" Wangchen exposed material, but the Ts Inzaghi did a good bearer, he needs to stay in the club to do their own Inzaghi, in international football represents flags and loyal captain Fernando Hierro and Zanetti also will put Real Madrid and the international Milan’s shirt.Four veteran Chinese team Real Madrid in the same group card team again vied for the aliens to Cannavaro in Guangzhou after the remount Shanghai Nanfang Daily News (reporter Zhu Xiaolong) reporter 18 was informed that "winning the UEFA Cup" 2015 the legends Championship will be on September 21 to 27 in Shanghai Hongkou Stadium held Ranked third in the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo, It is worth mentioning is that the Asian cutting-edge nishikori also landed on the list, I would rather play just 30% or 40% of the level," Erwin said. Lange Camp No.

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