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Audi Cup – J Lo scoring bell murder Old Real Madrid 2-0 victory over Tottenham Hotspur (click to watch HD Photo) of sina sports news Beijing time on August 5, 00:15 (German local time on 4 18:15), the 2015 Audi Cup semi-final at the Allianz Arena in battle, Real Madrid 2-0 win, Tottenham Hotspur, j lo and bell has scored. Real Madrid final against Bayern, spurs and AC Milan for third. This is the fourth session of the Audi Cup, Real Madrid and Spurs are the first to participate. C- Ronaldo and Motozawa Majun were injured, Baer led the battle against the old master, Harry Kaine also represents the first tottenham. Tottenham after just 2 minutes of missed opportunities, broke into the restricted area on the right pass, Lamela 10 yards unguarded Shepian shovel. Then Real Madrid with color, Modric pass, beam Hesse’s half volley regret. Pass to counter Marcello, Hersey left area 12 yards shot was saved by the worm. The game is open, Lamela shot from casiglia with their legs out, hamei Si – Rodriguez long shots. Real Madrid has control of the game, Baer twenty-ninth minutes a small edge of the area with the corner after the header, the ball slightly wide of the right post. Modric from 30 yards deflection, lost focus and the ball will be saved in worm. Real Madrid the 36 minutes to break the deadlock, ISCO left by Walker pass, unguarded harmes – Rodriguez before the restricted area header. J Luo to celebrate the two sides in the middle of the midfield to make adjustments. Casey Milo and Lucas Vasquez both played vertonghen, replace, check Deli and Ben Taleb also for tottenham. Ali Chadli pass, knock back, but Erickson volley from the edge of the area. Ramos winger Erickson led the Spurs players Feichan dissatisfaction, he was booked. The tempo of the second half was frequently interrupted by the substitution of both sides, the two sides in the slow rhythm are organizations fail to have an offensive threat, the Bayern Munich midfielder Alonso on the sidelines with former teammate Pepe laughing. Real Madrid seventy-ninth minutes to expand the score, Baer steals after shot at 25 yards, after playing the ball to enter into the lower left corner, 2-0. He refused to celebrate after scoring. Real Madrid line-up: 13- casiglia; 23- Danilo, 2- Valane, Ramos (4- 68′, 18- Nacho), Marcello (12- 60′, 17- Arbeloa); 8- Cross (46′, 18- Lucas – Vasquez (60′), 19-, 24- door Ilya Modric di (68′, 22-); izco 99-, Asensio) 11- Baer (82′, 43-, 10-, LAL) harmes Rodriguez (46′, 14-; 20- (Casey Milo) and 60′, 21- Cheri Scherf) Tottenham Hotspur squad (4-2-3-1):13- Worm; 2- Volcker, 4- Alderweireld, 27- vimeux (46′, 5-, 3- vertonghen) Ross Ali (68′, 20-; 44- winks), 15- Dyer (Ben Taleb 46′, 42-); 19- 11- Dembele, lame)

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