Fuli team scoring opportunities than the Luneng team more

Home defeat Luneng & nbsp; R & F above the relegation zone only 3 points and sports – People’s network, the original title: R & F above the relegation zone only 3 points last night in in the 20th round of the competition, sits Yuexiu stadium in Guangzhou bodied runs out all the stops, or for Shandong Luneng helpless?? although outside Mitchell and Aaron each ball, but Lu Nengzhong but for few chance scored four goals in, eventually more than 2 to 4 defeated. Nearly 4 games, R & F team 1 flat 3 negative, only 21 points ranked eleventh points, but only 3 points from the degraded area. With this victory Luneng team continue to sit tight in the first group. The pressing task in the new aid because of the injury of the Tang Miao, Zhangyuan to a guest right back; Puzhong you departure, Zhang Xianxiu is mentioned waist position. Fuli team has such a big change, the player is also a test, and Guangzhou last night in hot weather and thunderstorm, R & F team defense once full of loopholes. Although Mitchell’s opener, but the Luneng team will soon lead the score. Fuli team defender Jiang Zhipeng repeatedly making mistakes, after the Brazilian striker Marco Tardelli goals, coach contra Li Jianhua will be replaced, which is Li Jianhua in the season for the first time go into battle. After repeated mistakes, foreign aid suck, lack of scheduling midfielder, decimating the generals will responsibility lies in the new signing Rainer Dinio body. He came off the bench in the second half, the performance of law-abiding, but also can not see the midfield maestro skill. For their performance in the super first show, the Brazilian game bluntly: Guangzhou’s weather is very hot, which is a severe test for me. I was in the 1 to 3 behind the bench to play, I am not satisfied with their performance, but believe that their arrival can make the team become better and better." CONTRA is certainly its performance: Ray Nardi Neo just with the team to play a day on the game, he told us with a tacit understanding. But he did very well on the field, creating a lot of chances in the attack." From the point of view of technical statistics after the game, Fuli team in the key data occupy larger advantage, as well as the laser is the goal number than 10 15, front kick for 6 – 0 and corner number 7 than 5 and scored front 30 meters times for 45 than 23, the result is 2 than 4. From the point of view of the whole game, Fuli team scoring opportunities than the Luneng team more, but whether it is Aron, bokila or Raynal Dinho, did not seize the opportunity to score. In this regard, CONTRA is also very helpless: "home to lose four goals is very difficult to win the game, which means that we have to enter five or six goals to win the game, it is not possible." The team AFC Champions League but cute bully this season first round contest, team Luneng not only home defeat, Monty, Wangjiang, Mrs Wang and other main also fracture. Since then, Luneng team in the two lane operations with stretched, Luneng fans once shelled Fuli team used violence to obtain a victory. Until this war before the game, coach parties are still playing the saliva battle contra bluntly Fuli played not so dirty, and the team Luneng successive fold general loss expressed regret. Luneng team assistant Ma Baogang this brooding, although said not to match with a vengeance, but after the game or mentioned effects caused by the first round of the contest. Guest)

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