even personally lobbying Paris shopkeeper put people. In fact

Giant carrying Ibrahimovic went to the Middle East to meet Paris senior Tan surrender hope back to Milan – Sohu sports giant carrying Ibrahimovic in the Middle East to meet Paris high-rise & nbsp; in Thailand businessman bought shares 48% of the AC Milan, AC Milan’s operating conditions improved. Milan in the end how many summer window budget, the outside world. But you can be sure of is that the Rossoneri, strategy has undergone important changes, from chipping away over the past few years, become committed to snare Europe champion. According to Spanish media reports, Martinez – Jackson transfer from Oporto to Milan AC trading has been completed. At the same time, Martinez’s agent admits, this transfer could be completed within the next few days, the Colombian will become the Rossoneri this summer’s first major signings. "This week is very important for all of us," said Martinez." According to the testimony of the "Marca" profession, the two sides have reached an agreement, Milan will for the striker, a 28 year old first payment 32 million euros and another 300 million floating terms, the total cost reached 35 million, Martinez contract termination amount. Previously there have been media disclosure, this summer, the Rossoneri will have around 1.2 billion euros transfer budget, to build luxury lineup, championship. So in addition to Martinez, Ibrahimovic’s name also in total notebook with, and not just Milan wishful, Sweden God tower is also eager to return to Milanello, even personally lobbying Paris shopkeeper put people. In fact, early in the season before the end of Milan and Zlatan Ibrahimovic to wipe a spark, but Paris accidentally put the team a brother to leave, after all, Ibrahimovic although has 34 years old, but skills and influence is still European football’s top category. "Football market" disclosure, in order to retain the Swedish people, Paris opened a new contract expires in 2017, the annual salary of the original high, to reach 12000000 euros, and another high bonus. But Ibrahimovic appeared to have decided to bid farewell to the capital of France, the first time in the mouth of the broker Raiola rejected the club’s kindness. Reportedly to return to Milan, Ibrahimovic also personally go into battle, local time on Monday, tower, God will with Raiola flew to Doha, Qatar, when the Swedes will personally dialogue Nasser, the owner of Paris, the goal is to convince agreed to one year ahead of the termination of the contract, in order to eliminate the return on the road to the Rossoneri transfer fee barriers. In addition, Ibrahimovic is also proved through action, and the world still maintain their close ties. According to French media reports, after the trip to Doha, Ibrahimovic will return home in Stockholm, to prepare for the upcoming holiday, but before the holiday, the Swedish people will go to Losangeles, one is to participate in the activities of the sponsors, but the main purpose is to attend the wedding of Milan ball member Abate. (flying pig)

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