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How to Sell Diabetic Test Strips for Good Cash You might have come across a number of road signs claiming to buy diabetes test strip whereby they give their number for you to call them. Thought it was rather shady or illegal? This is totally legal, well as long as they were not purchased via Medicare or Medicaid. This high demand for these strips is brought about by their high retail prices which majority cannot afford- usually around 80 dollars or more for a box containing fifty diabetes test strips. Considering a box of 50 strips retails at about $80 or even more, it is understandable why the diabetic test strips are becoming a hot commodity. Selling your extra or strips you don’t need is a way to help out people who need them but cannot be able to afford the high price they usually go at. It is always a way you can make some money from them. Here is how to sell diabetic test strips for good cash. Traditionally those people buying these trips would advertise on road signs and give out their numbers so that you give them a call. This method is not always convenient, plus it is hard to ascertain who you are dealing with. There are however quite a number of them over the internet nowadays where you can transact through their online sites. The important thing to do first is to make sure you completely trust the one you are dealing with. This means checking out their reviews, ratings and how long they have been in business among other things.
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Once you have a website you trust, they often have options where you can put descriptions of the diabetes strips you want to sell. These details are for example whether the box in opened or unopened, the brand and the expiration date. This then will be used to give you an offer as to the amount they you will get paid. Others indicate their rates for the different brands and expiration dates. Lastly, they also provide a shipping label or a mailing kit for you to ship them.
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Importantly, don’t be quick to take the first offer you get for you diabetes test strips, first weigh you options by comparing different buyers such that you pick the one with the most suitable offer. An opened strip goes for slightly less or sometimes they don’t even accept them, so it is better you don’t open your extra boxes of diabetes test strips. The payment method is usually through PayPal or check by mail which takes about 2-3 days after you send the shipment to them.

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