clouds gradually.

The French Tamu war suspended due to rain & nbsp; winners and Stanislas Wawrinka for champion – Sports – People’s network, the original title: French Tamu war because of the rain stopped the winner will Stanislas Wawrinka championship in new network on June 6, according to the official website of the ATP Chinese news, the much anticipated Tamu war because of the coming storm and was forced to suspend. At present, Djokovic temporarily to 6-3, 6-3, 5-7, 3-3 leading to Murray. The rescheduling of the game and start point (Beijing time Saturday 7:00 PM) local time on Saturday afternoon, winning a party with Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka compete for the championship. Murray will strive to end of Djokovic’s 27 game winning streak. It will also end their rivals since 2013 Wimbledon final seven game losing streak. And Djokovic is the goal to become the eighth place in the history of the Grand Slam winner. Previously, the Serbia people have two times to break into the finals, are lost in Nadal’s film. The first dish today Paris unusually hot weather, the temperature reached 38. At the beginning of the game, the two per capita quickly into the state, in the first game, the two people dedicated to the audience a 22 shot. On the first break point of the game came in the sixth inning, Djokovic in Murray’s serve in the bureau made 40-30 lead, but the world first and failed to seize the opportunity, eventually the British to record the ace completed protect hair. The eighth inning, Djokovic to in Murray’s serve in the bureau to put pressure on opponents, eventually Serbs even four points, with a love game to break the success, and successfully won the first set. The second set of the second set, Djokovic in her Serving Bureau did not encounter any break points, so first in the world will be able to concentrate on the opponent’s serve in the waiting for the opportunity. The fifth game, Djokovic won the opportunity, and in the second break points to successfully lead. In the seventh game and Djokovic once again created a two break points, but the Scottish people did not give up resistance, tenacious saved this bureau. In Murray non guaranteed the ninth inning, Serbs continued the onslaught, in the first break point will grasp the opportunity, 6-3 made a 2-0 lead. Fierce competition for expansion of the third set two people in the sixth inning Murray serve, although Djokovic with 40-15 get two break points, but displays Murray, calm, calmly even under 4 minutes, hard guaranteed success. The morale of the British people to find opportunities in the eleventh, the first time to get a break point, and made a key break. Then Murray took the first four set of game love, the total score of 1-2. The fourth set in the second inning, Djokovic in Murray’s serve obtained three break points, but Serbs mistakes again and again, the opportunity eleven waste and eventually Murray breathtaking protect hair. No. 3 Bureau, Murray not to be outdone, also won three break points, and Murray, grasp the opportunity, with a love game to break success. But then the world will be the first to break, two people back to draw. 3-3, on the field the wind blowing, clouds gradually.

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