can only take a long ball washing hanging in this relatively simple offensive tactics

TEDA not enemy Guizhou relegation worrying after rest indoor silence – Washington home draw with Shenhua team after, coach Ali Han describe as a team "tunnel saw the light", but who also did not think of is, after a round away game lost to the Hong Kong team last night, and in the main field 3:4 defeat in Guizhou and the team avoid relegation rivals, old Hankou in the "light" also seems to be out. The epicycle finishes, TEDA team although the ranking also maintains in the countdown to the fourth place, but the leading reciprocal second and the team only 2 points, avoid relegation situation suddenly serious. After losing away to the Hong Kong team, and the team with a war becomes a fully fledged relegation battle of life and death, can win to suppress opponents in and get rid of the dilemma, lose the echelon situation is more and more serious. Because of this, the old man in the game for the team also issued a "kill order", requiring the team win the relegation rivals. But day hence not willing, although the TEDA team for the game to prepare a detailed offensive and defensive tactics, but before a sudden heavy rain, the venue to bring serious water, the dominant team passing with unable to display, can only take a long ball washing hanging in this relatively simple offensive tactics, this just is opponent most want to see, after all, Gong Lei took over and the team coach, the team’s tactics returned to the long ball washing hanging the old, the rain war just sent the handy. Because learning rain war, TEDA team scene passive, half in just 5 minutes is Santos and Zhang Chenglin break in a row, the second half opening soon, and the team re-entry ball, TEDA team should have three goals behind, lets the scene more than 8000 in the rain watching fans it’s hard to believe his own eyes. Although the team Taida in exchanging on Mao Biao launched a counterattack and within 10 minutes even in 3 ball, once tied the score, in all want TEDA team gain another victory to create a miracle, the critical moment defensive mistake again, was coming off the bench in the Yang Yihu in before the end of the whistle scored the winning goal, TEDA team at home and swallow the defeats. Lose this battle to avoid relegation, the team nearly 8 round competition has only 2 flat 6 negative bad record, the echelon situation suddenly serious again, look of the officers and men of the team is no longer as in the past as easy, lounge after the game is silent. "We are very difficult to talk about football in this environment, we were the other goal is too easy. We worked very hard to get the 3:3, and then scored again, I think it should not happen. We are in a very difficult period, we have to decide what to do, because next Friday is a difficult game, the opponent is the Shandong team. In short, it is very difficult for us now." Coach Ali Han reluctantly said team now indeed entered a very urgent and critical stage, we need to face relegation problem. TEDA team lost the game, leading reciprocal second and the team, leaving only 2 points, that is to say, the results of a game is enough to make TEDA team in the relegation zone, TEDA team needs as soon as possible to find countermeasures, otherwise the situation will be even more difficult. Reporter Li Hang

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