Butler or the Lakers

Butler will reject the bull to the Losangeles to join the Lakers? Butler or the Lakers? Sina sports news Beijing time in June 17th, according to YAHOO sports reported that the Chicago bulls shooting guard Butler – Jimmy has planned to seek a short-term contract in the summer, and will reject the bull was originally prepared to provide him with a 5 year top salary contract. According to wal god get the news, with the NBA’s salary cap is expected to achieve a substantial increase in the 2016-17 season, Butler signed a contract for 5 years worth $90000000 + a year, more and more not interested in. Another source said, Butler will spend a lot of time in Losangeles this summer, and he signed with the Lakers is increasing the possibility of. It is reported that Butler originally planned in July this year, with those who were interested in the team to meet. Some are chasing Butler’s team to tell YAHOO sports, they think Butler signed a short-term contract is the most sensible choice in the summer. Ultimately, Butler can choose to sign a contract worth $3 this summer, including third years as a player option. In this way, he can jump out of the contract after 2 years to become a non restricted free agent, and then renew a contract for 5 years up to $190000000. Since Butler is a restricted free agent, the bulls can match any offer he gets. We can understand why the Bulls want to lock in a contract with a $90000000 contract this summer, but it looks like Butler does not want to do so. In October last year, the bulls had tried to a 4 year contract with the value of $48000000 contract with Butler, but was rejected by Butler. This year, 25 year old Butler – Jimmy played a career best season, averaging 20 points, 5.8 rebounds and 3.3 assists. As a comprehensive offensive and defensive flank player Butler not only named Eastern Conference all star team, and also became the fastest player in the progress this season. (Rosen)  

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