Misuse of eye drops can cause glaucoma

PLA submarine How to guard the credibility of Hong Kong Red Cross Hong Kong Red Cross Secretary General Chan Kai-exclusive dialogue, resolve its mode of operation. Conditions are not the subject of new national dairy shield under the new national standard milk can drink? Situation dictates the standard is really low? Font Size: T | […]

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Parents should be careful to eat snacks in children

‘); Html.push (”+ user.name +”); if (user.daren == true) {html.push (”);} html.push (‘ for Ta said ‘) ; html.push (”+ user.follower + ‘people are concerned that he alert baby food in the nutrition threshold trap 1 year old baby starts eating leavened food, Ji-month baby drink 100% pure fruit juice More and more baby likes […]

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Tea cooking disease prevention

Propaganda Department of the CPC Fujian Provincial Committee and director of Fujian Daily Group hosted Strait News Daily online newspaper Fujian Fujian provincial government news conference the light of Mazu in Fujian Daily Newspaper older group e-mail table rice is a staple of Chinese families, most people generally like to eat new rice because it’s […]

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Leg pain, abdominal pain, bleeding, a blood cancer patients pay attention to two pain – lower abdome

cervical cancer treatment is mainly surgical removal of the uterus and chemotherapy. City, Third Central Hospital, chief physician reminding Zhang Aihua, the patient should be careful after hysterectomy bleeding, pelvic lymphocele and venous thrombosis. ◆ postoperative bleeding may be infected ◆ hysterectomy surgery, there may be a result of surgery hemostasis, wound site infection caused […]

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Guard against risk of sudden tinnitus five

All departments Fast-Track : Click directly to the sections you want to visit any ENT problem , please click → tinnitus what will happen? This is a lot of friends are more concerned about. There are a lot of friends in their daily lives are often symptoms of tinnitus did not pay attention , experts […]

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Jinlong capsule treatment of liver cancer research

Jinlong capsule development, first in the succession of Chinese medicine theory, based on the curb, in a breakthrough way of thinking. Inherit not learn it, put on the herbal ; few who to as much as possible to extract all the compound of fresh animal drugs active ingredients. and maintain the natural ratio between active […]

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Five bad eating habits of cancer susceptibility

Recently launched by the World Cancer Research Fund cones – wide anti-cancer guide cancer patients will increase by 1 times , the Chinese version of the Guide translator mm Chinese Academy of Engineering , the China Disease prevention and Control Center of nutrition and Food Safety researcher Chen Junshi said the following five lifestyle lead […]

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Mother will know the baby fever Liu Buqu

Now is the winter and spring seasons of alternating, we are in a part of the intermediate zone, indoor and outdoor temperature, the baby is very susceptible to colds, fever and other symptoms. Kiki remind you my mother to pay attention to: the fever is caused by various diseases body’s defense reaction. studies have shown […]

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The practice of female wild bitten teachers and students of Chinese medicine professional salvage he

Pok School of medical director of the Chinese medicine professional Wuyuan Wen deterrence Ying Zhu Lingfei yesterday, Jinhua Vocational and Technical Pok hospital teacher Lu Huiping broke the news: A few days ago, we Pok school for Traditional Chinese Medicine 101 Pok students of the class, followed by the teacher to Shafan Township Silver Hang […]

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If not treated on their own right

Tonsillitis died and what risks? Here is the best hospital by the ENT specialists to help us introduce this problem. The hope of your help. 1, acute tonsillitis if left untreated or treatment is not complete , will be very easy to chronic tonsillitis . 2, patients with acute tonsillitis usually give Ku bring greater […]

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Bizarre !

Renovation work is tile Zacheng stroke exasperating house was forcibly occupied the alarm is useless – News – Sohu focus networkbroadcast enterprise – CRRC – real estate – Focus – Digital Real Estate – microblogging yesterday, owners of Miss Wong standing outside the house through the window to communicate with Miss Luo, but still to […]

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Capture tool for breast cancer – endocrine therapy

Tip : Any recommendations on disease physician practitioners can not replace face to face diagnosis. All out of time for reference only , subject to final release to the hospital the same day . friends , the doctor remarks represent only their personal views , not represent site agree with their statement , please carefully […]

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CA125 and CA19-9 combined detection of ovarian cancer in the diagnosis of disease

CA125 and CA19-9 combined detection of ovarian cancer in the diagnosis of disease 2011-02-14 08:09:19 Source: Aidi Kang Medical Center Pok test Author: [Big Middle Small】 View: 211 Comments: 0 [Abstract] Objective To Chinese women through the detection of serum CA125, CA19-9 levels in women with ovarian cancer research applications in the diagnosis of disease, […]

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About 10 million taboo disease , Hebei mental illness seek medical treatment rate of only 5% – News

mental illness epidemic the Pok investigation report the Province, various types of mental disorders prevalence was 14.04%, which means that nearly 10 million people of the province’s mental illness. Reduce the patient’s the accident Zhaohuo behavior in order to popularize the knowledge of mental illness, the province in February this year, set up in Baoding, […]

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Beijing cost of treatment of gonorrhea – Qianlong life – Qianlong

The cost of Beijing Beijing treatment of gonorrhea male experts: gonorrhea gonorrhea double cones is caused by bacterial infection of the genitourinary system diseases. The vast majority of direct transmission from the unclean sexual intercourse, contaminated by a few clothes, towels, bathroom, toilets, urinals and other paraphernalia of the infection. The clinical manifestations of gonorrhea […]

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Prostate cancer, the cancer male reproductive system

Prostatitis is a common disease of men, and male reproductive system, prostate cancer is the most common malignancy of prostate cancer treatment is best to pay close attention in the early treatment is very troublesome to the late. Shanxi People’s Armed Police Hospital Expert analysis: not yet identified the cause of prostate cancer may be […]

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From aflatoxin

Some molds can produce a known cancer-causing compounds, most notably one called aflatoxin. Some of aflatoxin in animals shows a very strong carcinogenicity. Aflatoxin is a toxic substance is beyond reproach. According to a survey of Africa and Southeast Asia: aflatoxin in food and the population is closely related to the incidence of liver cancer, […]

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Pink eye oncoming fierce to wash their hands

Yesterday, the riverbank area with her daughter Ms. Lee referral to Children’s Hospital, after 3 days of treatment, her daughter’s pink eye has improved, but Ms. Lee’s right eye is still red like a rabbit. Ms. Lee’s mother had pink eye last week, have passed at home in four others. To the hospital eye clinic […]

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Tianjin Network – Chronic Diseases in conjunction with doctors to find medicine ( Figure )

Union Hospital of Tianjin in Tianjin old TCM consultation exchange base, has more than 40 old Chinese medicine, is City health insurance fixed units. Tianjin Health Bureau veteran medical centers. Two decades to build homes in the Health Department under the guidance of veteran. Organized and coordinated a number of targeted Chinese medicine practitioners in […]

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Life is too fragile ah !

Shocked by a colleague today advanced colon cancer , heart of sadness ! Early 30s career is flourishing – how good youth , how many have not achieved the ideal of revenge , but even the best for her Love should soon end , no amount of good can not be true! to see more […]

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07 Singles fruits ceremony

An apple a day I believe it can be fluid and lungs, spleen appetizer; nutritional analysis on the curb, that the apple contains the most fructose, and contains a variety of organic acids and trace elements ﹑ pectin. Apple pectin is a soluble fiber, not only can promote cholesterol metabolism effectively reduce cholesterol levels, it […]

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What is primary liver cancer – the best of Beijing Cancer Hospital – Qianlong News – Qianlong

What is primary liver cancer – the best of Beijing Cancer Hospital liver cancer | lung cancer | Stomach cancer | colon cancer | breast cancer nasopharyngeal cancer | pancreatic cancer | Minimally invasive treatment programs esophageal cancer | ovarian cancer | prostate cancer | stem cell transplantation for treatment of lymphatic cancer indications for […]

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Colon cancer survival

If this does not resolve your problem, please visit the Nanjing Cancer Network (www.nanjingkangai.com) Find more content related to colon cancer survival rate Dalian West Pill esophageal cancer colon cancer survival rate has kept the concept of how long ? has the right answer to the End of the World Forum colon cancer after the […]

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Breast care exogenous hormone estrogen increases lead to endometrial cancer – endometrial cancer , e

Information Puguang Tai special activities to see hot men, elderly women
Parenting magazine diagnosis and treatment drugs
Beauty Diet Drug dynamic psychological gender
hospital medical fitness test infertility medicine pregnancy diet
infant feeding guidelines prenatal and child health baby early childhood diseases, gynecological inflammation
recipes pregnancy menstrual flow of cervical disease
Yang Li is a beauty of women. 20 years old that year, she thinks the brea

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Meridian Knowledge

Acupoints part 1, after missing out points of the sweep, location, attending what is? sweep through: lung simple selection method: the tiger’s mouth with both hands cross in one hand and index finger pressed on the radial styloid process on the other hand, index finger tip is that the pressure point. Indications: cough, sore throat; […]

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Hangzhou Red Cross for 200 needy families to send condolences to Kim – Zhejiang Online – Zhejiang Ne

Vice Mayor of Hangzhou , the city Red Cross condolences to President Chen Xiaoping Zhang door Sister

Zhang ‘s daughter, 36-year -old sister , 18 years old was found suffering from thyroid cancer, after surgery discharged , and later married . Unexpectedly, in 2008 , relapse , and opened the knife . This knife after her body began to severe calcium deficiency , often cramps , perennial bed .

see the deputy mayor Chen Xiaoping sent condolences to the gold and oil and

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Do not panic , summer and winter cure disease ,

Minister Li , the general said rhinitis is acute , chronic rhinitis , allergic rhinitis and acute , chronic sinusitis and other nasal inflammation collectively. Beginning of high school students suffering from chronic rhinitis and Pok allergic rhinitis more . Suffering from rhinitis often leads to disruption caused by inhalation of oxygen and decreased oxygen […]

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Chinese medicine practitioners in 2011 surgical examination frequency test sites gonorrhea

2011 years’ practice high-frequency surgical medicine physician exam test sites: gonorrhea the differential diagnosis of gonorrhea 1. non-gonococcal urethritis mainly by Chlamydia trachomatis in urine caused by mycoplasma infection. The incubation period is longer; mild urethritis, urethral discharge less; secretions not find cream cones bacteria, conditions can be chlamydia, mycoplasma. 2. Candida urethritis longer history, […]

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I like to sing , but I have chronic

Pharyngitis. I am particularly uncomfortable throat. (Ever since the last time to become a moderator, the teacher let us start training hard loud, my voice the situation is getting worse) I especially like the singing chanting, with chronic pharyngitis will have to do with it? Help out, Thank you friends.

singing voice must be true and false conversion, can be used either treble or bass sound that fake higher or lower to extend your range, but sometimes appear falsetto gas shortage, sm

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Which hospital is best

Beijing Tian Hospital treatmentAllergic rhinitis of the best hospitals. Hospital Website: www.taenbh.net, welcome to online consultation. Beijing treatment of allergic rhinitis Which hospital is best? Beijing Tian Hospital experts remind you of allergic rhinitis great harm. risk of allergic rhinitis have the following Ji points: 1, bronchial asthma: allergic rhinitis is the most common complications […]

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Pok member institutions to recruit military medical examination standards – entrance channel – China

Chapter I General Provisions

First under
second army, armed police Pok member institutions to recruit soldiers, ordinary high school graduates in the Pok Pok members and staff from the local post-graduate studies curb, curb ordinary high school recruitment, selection of national defense and armed forces to receive regular high school graduation Pok Health and physical examination, apply to this standard.

Chapter surgical items

length 162cm above the third male, fem

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Beijing Hospital of the best treatment of rhinitis

Acute rhinitis (acute rhinitis) is an acute inflammatory disease of the nasal mucosa is usually called the must be taken regularly to prevent colds.
chronic simple rhinitis is due to vasodilation, glandular secretion, the formation of the mucosal swelling, secretions characterized by an increase in chronic inflammation. pathogenesis of nasal blood vessels of the neural regulation disorders, parasympathetic nerve dominant, so that the nasal mucosa of the arteries and veins, especially in chr

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In this talk about

, And cancer have all things in any relationship, people immediately at arm’s length for fear of mess However, in recent years, there is a law that people fear, and that is What is the family

cancer? Family genetic risk of cancer, how many? How to prevent family cancer? Reporters were interviewed Chinese and Western medicine experts, and further opened the family cancer mystery … …

cancer is not contagious, but a similar gene structure is an important incentive

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Health benefits of the baby to a woman

Benefits of 1, making the happiness of life, every mother should take pleasure time to nurture the next generation of ten months, during which pay attention to nutrition, to avoid the taboo in order to give birth to healthy babies, although the pregnancy rather Xin Ku But a mother is not free from: awarded the […]

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What kind of medicine chronic gonorrhea

What kind of medicine to treat gonorrhea ? Shanghai where the treatment of gonorrhea is good ?What kind of medicine
chronic gonorrhea? What kind of medicine to treat gonorrhea? Shanghai River City Men’s experts: Double cones as gonorrhea bacteria sensitive to antibiotics, acute infection without complications, as long as the medication in a timely manner, adequate, rational use of antibiotics, is effective, and high cure rate. Ji now commonly used drugs in the following types:


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Self-examination !

N possible breast lumps teach you to identify three types of vaginitis postpartum period is not normal how to restore drugs carnation Wujibaifeng Kanggongyan antimicrobial film gynecology daughter film disease fungal vulvitis pelvic inflammatory disease, cervical erosion, menstrual self-test genital itching how could it? Self uterine cancer hospital Maternal and Child Health Hospital , Guangzhou, […]

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[ High-temperature

[ High-temperature bake Jincheng ] hot weather
hot weather , >

hot weather is prone to heat stroke increased

patients with gastrointestinal

Most of the children to the hospital with fever , throat pain, cough and other symptoms, mostly upper respiratory tract infection , blowing air conditioning and hot weather , eating cold and so on . Due to the heat, some children eat cold drinks and other things , lead to an increase in acute gastroenteritis with di

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Elderly fitness not into the Myth

Chinese medicine reported August 19, 2009 pleasant climate fall is the golden season of the exercise . But older people avoid during the fitness ridge into the misunderstanding . Myth : lesions on the basis of easily lead to blood clots . Clinical data show that the multi – season from November to March the […]

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Prevention of air conditioning disease to correct air-conditioned five major misunderstanding – the

hot words : Gree air conditioning LCD TV Joyoung Soymilk >> appliance Next Magazine every Monday but not to ghost

air conditioning charts Hot the new
air conditioning reputation standings
what brand air conditioning ?
how beautiful air-conditioned ?
praise : Comment: 4046 votes and 6225 votes Poor : 539 votes 837 Gree air conditioner how ? 512 support Oaks Air Conditioning how ? 447 to support the sea thou air conditioning how kind ? 211 support Panasonic air con

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Disease living at home library Esophageal cancer is caused by what the

– Living at home – PRC Tianjin windowBrief content: esophageal injury, esophageal disease, and stimulation of food and certain esophageal diseases esophageal injury can trigger esophageal cancer. In corrosive esophageal burns and narrow, esophageal achalasia, esophageal crave room or reflux esophagitis patients, the incidence of esophageal cancer than the general population is high. the human […]

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Four population groups in three psychological problems Detailed

21352872008-10-09 07:05:44.0 Liu Yuanyuan four population groups in the three major psychological problems Detailed # mental # CDC survey: the existence of more than 160,000 people of Yangzhou news Yangzhou News / enpproperty, 24122 focus of psychological problems – > Yangzhou Reuters October 10, 17, City CDC Mental Health Statistics of the consulting room, consulting […]

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The doctors found that Japanese subjects Pok home found the mechanism of heat stroke deterioration o

a Japanese research group recently announced: found a gene mutation can lead to disease in human heat stroke after easier to deteriorate.

heat stroke is affected by high temperature and high humidity, the function does not play a role in the body to regulate body temperature, resulting in cramps, dizziness, vomiting, coma and other symptoms, the symptoms worsen, the patient will be a result of disturbance of consciousness and multiple organ failure and death. Pok Professor of

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Women’s health alert six kinds of situations against a woman ,

1. cervical biopsy after

when the suspect a person may suffer from cervical cancer, cervical biopsy needs to be done often . Inspection method , the equivalent of a watch in the uterus at 3,6,9,12 o’clock in the size of sesame seeds from each of a cervical tissue sent to pathology to do biopsy . Generally prohibits sexual intercourse within 2 weeks after surgery . If there is still bleeding after 2 weeks , the bleeding should stop after 1 to 2 weeks to sexual intercourse.

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2.4 Master news – the refrigerator is no longer a talent

2.4 Master a new message – unpublished blue posts
refrigerator can Pok , but at low temperatures will have a slowing effect . The
2 . Ice add an offset under the state of ice attack deceleration talent.
the refrigerator replaced by new talent , most likely a frozen target a few seconds to the target of a refrigerator … on the teammate to use new skills
4 . the water element is extended by five seconds .
English blue paste has just confirmed hypothermia changes , while

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Memory of the Stone Age, Chinese diving was poor entrepreneurs to become wealth – Sohu Sports

Shanghai Xinhua News Agency Reuters July 14 sports memories of the Stone Age, the Chinese diving

– a poverty-stricken venture

If you can, white-haired as Chelsea hope to constant volley flew every day and then jumped into the diving pool water, even though he has 76 years of age old.
If you can, is still swimming exercise every day, as if to keep the body strong guy of 30-year-old hoping to become Chelsea constant that to remember him and his generation Chinese div

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Resolve the cause of psoriasis vulgaris

psoriasis vulgaris is the most common psoriasis, mild. So the cause of psoriasis vulgaris, what does? Experts to resolve the cause of psoriasis vulgaris. 1, infection factors. Some people think that is a virus infection, although discovered in the nucleus of epidermal acanthosis with eosinophilic inclusion bodies, but so far not been successful viral culture. […]

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Toss me about ten years

. Both summer and winter , as long as there are significant changes in temperature or a little dust stimulation , this nose began to fall ill , ranging from sneezing constantly , then the nose as the funnel , water constantly flows ; while in the eyes , nose, itching around , so you […]

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Treatment of chronic rhinitis is critical

What causes chronic rhinitis? NJCTT ENT Hospital, experts pointed out that under normal circumstances of chronic rhinitis is due to repeated attacks of acute rhinitis or treatment does not completely evolved into also possible that because of the long-term chronic inflammation due neighboring irritation or deformity , caused by poor ventilation or drainage of nasal […]

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Shenzhen, the incidence of pancreatic cancer by 3.5 times the 10-year survival with doctor’s advice

Home News
domestic and international rule of law in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan areas exposed material
community forum space micro-Bobo-off overseas Chinese network to teach Chinese Bao Zhai
Qiao Jie Hua Renhua Finance Real Estate Finance Securities finance
IT energy vehicles Entertainment Sports
healthy lifestyle education video interviews show
picture gallery game English
China news agency, Shenzhen, October 15 (Zheng Xiaohong and Shuai Feifei) –

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Sauna day is the most easy steamed out of the six disease

Around the weather continued high temperature, sauna day is especially hard for people to see a text on sauna days, feel good, and turn to look, hoping to help
since the July, China in most areas of the high temperatures and rainy weather, and some reach 38 ° C – 40 ° C, Beijing suffered the past 10 years, the longest hot weather hot, wet uncomfortable, and many hospitals heat stroke, cold, diarrhea, sharp increase in patients. day before yesterday, the Beijing Meteorological Observatory

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Days pity noble – remember the Second Hospital of Linhai City, the good doctor to fall Hou – Hou aut

he is a tireless person, life, adhere to the , suffering from hypertension, heart disease, diabetes.
Hou fall to

rich people can not move here need me

11 years ago, when he was director of the Center of Shanxi Pingding rehabilitation Hou and autumn, is practicing medicine for 30 years The ENT specialist, Pok world renowned doctors in the country.
chance, Hou fall to two hospitals and the medical chief of Linhai City, Shao Hu met. When Hou autumn to express the int

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Obsession is to discover it

As the hardships of the journey, and disturbing, reminds us of the sweep of the home genus and quiet when the buzz of being in the big city, when the rapid expansion of the material world, the human world to our opposition, unfamiliar, distress and unwarranted confusion Ji points anxiety or implicitly or explicitly, often make Ji sub troubles, Ji points Ku stuffy, Ji sub wistful. At this moment, turn where wandering confused spiritual?
In fact, the spirit can not be out sustenance, you will

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Men’s Hospital of Nanchang Dr. remind – smoking , drinking and sedentary lifestyle easy carcinogenic

Recently launched by the World Cancer Research Fund cones – wide anti-cancer guide cancer patients will increase by 1 . In this regard, the Chinese version of the Guide translator mm Chinese Academy of Engineering , China Disease Prevention and control Center of nutrition and Food Safety researcher Chen Junshi said the lifestyle of the following eight leading cancer -prone main reasons :
smoking is higher in smokers than non-smokers risk of cancer risk Yan 7-11 times .
alcohol alcoholi

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Women Health Information bra is too loose too tight will cause breast disease

All departments
Fast-Track: Click directly to the sections you want to access any
oncology, please click

have many female friends in order to highlight Munakata, bought body sculpting clothing, or a smaller size bra, Le tightly to the chest, so tight bra long-term use, not only affected by local blood circulation, but also to the breast and surrounding tissue and organ development occurring disorders, such as grow fibroids, breast distortion, flat nipples, inside the bucke

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Primary liver cancer treatment options which can be

Primary liver cancer (primary carcinoma of the liver) is one of common malignant tumors in China . High mortality in the overall cancer death , second only to the stomach , esophagus door to the third , in some rural areas in the ranked second only to stomach cancer. China about 11 million people die each year from liver cancer , liver cancer worldwide accounting for 45% of deaths due to relying on serum alpha-fetoprotein (AFP) testing with ultrasound imaging of high-risk groups monitoring , the

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Eating habits to determine if you will stroke the five kinds of food easily induced stroke – Health

stroke has become China’s number one pathogenic cause of death. Its incidence and dietary habits are closely related. Recently, the United States
1. Biscuits, potato chips, pastries and baked goods. Muffins, donuts, potato chips, cookies and many other baked foods rich in trans fatty acids, will increase the stroke risk Yan. North Carolina, USA Pok, a new study found that women deterrence into one gram of trans fatty acids per day, every day deterrence into the 7 grams of trans fatty acids

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Cold food on the body which harm

What are the hazards? Cold food on the body
Now a lot of people due to excessive eating, excessive consumption of fried and hot foods, and then plus stay up all night, drinking and other factors, resulting in many people’s body heat, and even physical deficiency, these people usually like to eat all kinds of cold food, such as iced drinks, beer, mineral water, the freezing point. these diet not only can not improve people’s physical, but it will also adversely on human health long-term impa

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The most effective weight loss breast skin lightening women’s health care products reduced vaginal

~ healthy lecture notes Peking University Professor Qi ~

human life should be able to reach 100-175 years old, why have not reached it? The main reason is we do not attach importance to health care, do not know how to care for knowledge. Many people die of ignorance, it is very wrong ah! We know how to care it? International Declaration of Victoria on the declaration, there are three milestones: the first is called a balanced diet, and the second is called aerobic exercise, and the thi

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2011 Health Qualifying Examination counseling nursing diagnosis terminology

2011 Health qualifications
test counseling : NANDA by the nursing diagnosis terminology
the human response patterns (Human Response Patterns ) classification . Now human response – based classification of nursing diagnosis are as follows :
(1) exchange ( Exchanging )
Editor :
Health Qualifying Examination
in 2011 : nutrition and Food Hygiene Pok vocabulary TZ
2011 Health Qualifying Examination : Nutrition and Food Hygiene, Pok vocabulary S Health Qualifyi

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Cause long-term fever

Lianyungang City Second People’s Hospital Hematology Chuang Wan-chuan :
long-term fever cases found in the following example : Lianyungang City Second People’s Hospital Hematology Chuang Wan-chuan

1: chronic infectious diseases: such as tuberculosis , chronic biliary tract infection , chronic or persistent viral hepatitis , chronic urinary tract infection , chronic infection foci limitations ( such as chronic tonsillitis , sinusitis , gum abscess , otitis media , mastoiditis , pro

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Stroke prevention

Stroke prevention
stroke prevention must first understand the factor of stroke risk Yan stroke risk Yan factors include the following: opportunities for people
hypertension: high blood pressure, stroke no hypertension are 2-4 times higher blood pressure, the higher the stroke risk Xian Xing.
2 heart disease: many kinds of heart disease and stroke are closely related to atrial fibrillation when combined with rheumatic heart valve disease, the incidence of stroke increased by 18 tim

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Spring health , from the

Core Tip: Chinese New Year approaching, for some people, the inevitable should Zhou, and some Yang Yuexin National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention nutrition professor, director, vice chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Pok, the FAO food information Cooperation in Northeast Asia head of the reporter


approaching Spring Festival , for some people, the inevitable should Zhou, and some Birth of the diseases most likely to holiday? How to unpack the Spring Festival

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Paul Yan ‘s how to advance and recovery

of Xian, the victim was rushed to a hospital of a sinus salvage treatment, and the cost of its rush to salvage the company claims Paul Yan, Paul Yan company under the relevant material in the Traffic Yan advance health care costs 10,000 yuan in compensation limits . Sinus after a follow-up treatment for their damages, costs and other issues, who will be Paul Yan, Paul Yan’s been told to the court as a common, claim medical expenses, lost income, disability compensation, so a total of 12 million

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Non-functional earth

Non-functional earth (the book)
an internal medicine 1, since the beginning of a cold: light blue (with whiskers), ginger 5 money, water, a bowl of fried open, add a dose of hot brown sugar ( ginger without service below), and immediately to sleep, sweating Jiyu.
2, multi-day cold: Use the same first day, in addition to at night before going to sleep, with garlic mash, apply two Zuxin (springs points , each way of the sole can be deposited large bean), cloth, thrown off the next mornin

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Slander is a loving act of exposure ignorance and distortion

58-year-old Chen Xian Mei, is a scavenger of old, tall and arm strength just to catch up after eighteen bronze, crushed by a car when she saw a small injury Yue Yue, the time to think, quickly put down the manual labor, four Ben called, finally found the child’s mother, this will send their children to the hospital. However, the car left deep scars, or too heavy, a week after a difficult struggle, with a small Yue Yue confused and think fondly of the world left us.
However, it was especial

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Description A simple way to remove bad breath

Oral diseases
Description: simple way to remove bad breath
core Tip: remove the bad breath is everyone wants to know, because life there are many reasons which can cause bad breath, but this occurs problem would affect people’s emotions and life, and even work.

stomatitis metronidazole capsules small boron sprays Lysozyme tablets cream
mouth ulcers decay periodontitis simple wisdom tooth pericoronitis

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Operating room practice

Practice in the operating room two days, many would like to say, I feel two days over a very long day, there will be a lot of things happen, a sense of theater is followed by a day of surgery, do not stop , do not stop. When I first came to understand anything, even the scissors are considered endless, there are many devices no name, the grotesque, not to mention know how to use it! The hospital’s operating room like a maze, thousands turn 100 back, doors everywhere, everywhere access, full room

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And physical changes related to uterine fibroids

Typical symptoms of uterine fibroids after a month more than secondary anemia , some patients without symptoms. Fibroid tumor symptoms of general growth in the stock location, size, closely related .
( A) the period increased
occurred in the submucosal and intramural fibroids , the performance of menorrhagia , irregular menstruation or vaginal bleeding . caused mainly due to increased bleeding : endometrial area increases, due to estrogen to endometrial hyperplasia , fibroids prevent u

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