8-10 lost to German girl Maria

Duan Yingying regret birthday failed to win the game long Duan Yingying Duan Yingying: self awareness play a normal ranking into a hundred still do not know the load of > < Tencent sports July 2nd London (reporter Wang Yiwei (micro blog)) July 3rd is Duan Yingying’s 26 year old birthday, but unfortunately, she did not use a victory for his birthday gift. Local time on July 2, Wimbledon (microblogging) women’s singles second round match, the Chinese floret means Yingying in the decider long duel disk to resolve two match points, to 6-1,2-6,8-10 lost to German girl Maria, unfortunately, stop the second round. After the game, some regret Yingying did not win when your birthday comes. Unfortunately, the birthday did not win the first round, after Duan Yingying in the press conference and three wave of television reporters, back home, she and the director of the excited, said: "a lot of reporters!" Duan Yingying second round of the game, many Chinese fans are around the venue, for her refueling, a lot of foreign fans call her name. "The first Grand Slam tournament, certainly not to adapt, and hope that more such opportunities in the future." Lost to Maria missed the first round, lost in the answer section of Yingying with hope. "Winning is the best birthday present, but it is a pity……" Hear reporters birthday wishes, originally because of lost the lost segment Yingying finally revealed the smiling face, and on July 3, is her 26 year old birthday. Tiebreaker physicaloverdraft press conference, segment Yingying for nearly half an hour late. Originally, because long before a winner, Duan Yingying exhaustion, desudation she waited for a long time in the test room. "In fact, I play the game can be, the first game is very smooth, hit the second set because of losing a serve, and later on the very fast. The opponent is very good, I completely suppressed, the key points on the I hesitate, or lack of experience." After the game to lose, Duan Yingying said. Although there is no continue to win, but for the first time Wimbledon campaign race is out of the first round segment Yingying in addition to gain confidence, also won 140 points, her world ranking will also be the first time into the top 100. "Through these games, the state is better than before, confidence is getting better and better, hope to make persistent efforts behind the game." Duan Yingying said.

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